HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGCOVID-19 Testing and Services

As a clinical laboratory, CommunityLab’s focus is on overall health and well-being. Through community collaboration, we aim to increase access and uptake of COVID-19 testing.


BROAD-BASED TESTINGScalable "ALL IN" Approach to COVID-19 Testing

As infection progresses, the body’s immune response to the virus changes. CommunityLab offers a variety of COVID-19 tests designed to capture the different phases of the immune response to the virus.

CommunityLab offers the following COVID-19 strategies.

Viral PCR for Active Infection (Nasopharyngeal)

  • Gold standard test
  • Most sensitive

Viral PCR using SalivaDirect™ Method (Saliva)

  • Non-invasive saliva collections
  • More cost effective than traditional
  • Uses cutting-edge method developed by Yale School of Public Health

IgM/IgG Antibody for Prior Infection (Serum/Plasma)

  • Rapid
  • Semi-quantitative
  • Follow-up or add-on to any COVID-19 test
performing covid-19 test

PUTTING HEALTH FIRSTLaboratory Partnership Services

Get the dedication and rapid results only a specialty laboratory can provide combined with all the expertise of an experienced national clinical laboratory

With a focus on COVID-19 testing, CommunityLab is uniquely positioned to provide communities with accurate, reliable, and rapid turnaround of results.

In order to accomplish these goals, we are implementing services and cutting-edge processes that enhance efficiency and use resources wisely while allowing for rapid growth.  This will allow us to meet the needs of communities everywhere and benefit public health.

Services Include:

  • 24-Hour Turnaround Time
  • Quick and Easy Online Provider/Patient Result Portal
  • Bulk Shipping of Supplies
  • At-home, Non-invasive Saliva Collection Kits with Drop-ship Option
  • Interface with Hospital/Clinic EHR
  • Online Test Ordering
COLA Accredited Laboratory
Medical Courier of Community Lab


Are tests accurate and do the COVID-19 tests at CommunityLab have 'Emergency Use Authorization' (EUA)?

Lab test accuracy is measured in two ways—specificity and sensitivity. CommunityLab tests have met robust validation standards and have been granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for public health and clinical use.

Meeting CDC laboratory safety practices and biosafety guidelines for specimen handling and laboratory workplace safety as well as World Health Organization (WHO) laboratory biosafety guidelines is critical to keep employees safe and maintain integrity of the lab results.

Going beyond requirements, CommunityLab’s floor plan includes a clean room providing additional protection from contamination and elevating quality control.

Does CommunityLab report positive/negative results to state/federal health departments?

CommunityLab reports the results of all COVID-19 testing as required by state or federal government.

Is CommunityLab prepared to run high volume testing for the community?

Yes. CommunityLab plans to offer a variety of full-scale COVID-19 testing options with high throughput and accuracy to support high-volume community testing needs.

CommunityLab’s state-of-the-art equipment and technology is robust. The lab operation is scalable for growth depending on demand for testing and available resources.

Is CommunityLab a CLIA-Certified High Complexity Laboratory?

Yes. CommunityLab is CLIA-certified (#34D1054007). Additionally, CommunityLab is voluntarily accredited by COLA, a premier laboratory accreditation, education and consultation organization.

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