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COVID-19 testing in healthcare office for Patients


Offer Your Patients Security in the Ever-Changing COVID-19 Landscape

While vaccinations have helped create a safer environment, challenges remain, and new threats are ever-evolving. As a healthcare provider, helping your patients navigate the path to health is upmost concern to you. CommunityLab offers packages and services for PCR COVID-19 testing in healthcare offices and surgery centers that allow you to respond with ease to the constantly changing landscape.


Meeting the Needs for COVID-19 Testing in Healthcare

Change your services to meet changing requirements.

  • Asymptomatic screening
  • Confirmatory follow-up for rapid antigen testing
  • Facility outbreak response
  • Weekly staff screening
  • At-home staff or patient screening
  • Fall respiratory illness planning

No Swab, Saliva PCR Testing

Results within 24 Hours of Lab Receipt

Custom Programs

Easily Scalable

Interface Capabilities

No Swab, Saliva PCR Testing

Results within 24 Hours of Lab Receipt

Custom Programs

Easily Scalable

Interface Capabilities

No Swab, Saliva PCR Testing

Results within 24 Hours of Lab Receipt

Custom Programs

Easily Scalable

Interface Capabilities


Testing Options

Choose comfort and ease for repeat testing or a comprehensive scan for respiratory pathogens.

PCR COVID-19 test kit

Ease Discomfort.

No swab, Salivary PCR Test for SARs-CoV-2

  • Ideal for repeat testing to minimize time and discomfort
  • Comfortable non-invasive simple saliva collection
  • Highly Accurate, gold-standard PCR test Clinical specificity of 100%, sensitivity of 94%
  • FDA Authorized for detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2 in saliva
  • Less risk for test administrators as patients can collect the specimen themselves

Don’t Wonder. Know.

Respiratory Pathogen Panel
Comprehensive Respiratory Pathogen Assessment

  • 1 swab 22 Respiratory pathogens assessed including SARs-CoV-2, influenza, and pneumonia agents
  • Fully covered by insurance for individuals over 55 with respiratory symptoms
  • PCR, nasopharyngeal swab
  • First FDA approved test, not just emergency use authorized, for SARs-CoV-2

CommunityLab received authorization from Yale School of Public Health under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to provide the SalivaDirect™ test for COVID-19.

Note: Traditional nasopharyngeal PCR COVID-19 testing is also available.


Focus on Patient Health. We’ll Handle the Rest.

Insurance Submission

Commercial and free federal programs or cash option

Supply Management

Receive bulk shipments of collection supplies

Regulatory Agency Reporting

Meet state and federal guidelines

Marketing Support

Website copy, Flyers, Emails


Available in select regions


The Right System for COVID-19 Testing in Healthcare Practices

Choose your level of involvement with one of our pre-designed systems or work with our skilled team to create a custom system that is right for PCR COVID-19 testing in your healthcare practice.

COVID testing for Healthcare Practices

Fully Managed System

This hands off option offers your patients access to high quality, easy, no swab, saliva PCR COVID-19 testing while keeping you and your staff free to focus on other health aspects.

  • No inventory
  • No staff management
  • No financial investment

How It Works

  1. Share the link on your website to allow patients to order at home collection kits direct from CommunityLab (flyers and email pdf available).
  2. Patients order from our site, and we send them the at-home COVID-19 collection kits.
  3. After patients collect the specimen, they ship them to the lab using the included, pre-paid overnight label.
  4. You and your patients receive reliable PCR COVID-19 test results through our HIPAA-compliant portal or through your EHR system within 24 hours of receipt by the lab.

Self Managed System

Offer your patients no swab, saliva or traditional nasopharyngeal PCR COVID-19 testing, and comprehensive respiratory pathogen assessment (nasopharyngeal only) curb side or in your office.

  • Offer patients comfort with no swab, saliva collection
  • Develop a treatment plan for the right respiratory pathogen
  • Under your complete control

How It Works

  1. Order a bulk shipment of all the collection materials needed to offer either COVID-19 test.
  2. Collect at your office.
  3. Send collected specimens to the lab. Courier available in select regions.
  4. Receive results through your EHR or our HIPAA-compliant portal within 24 hours of receipt by the lab.

Surgical System

Perfect for surgical practices that require or prefer patients to show proof of negative PCR COVID-19 test results prior to surgical procedures

  • Very little management
  • Patient collects no more than 48 hours prior to surgical procedure
  • Peace of mind
  • Maintain staff safety

How It Works

  1. Your office orders no swab, at home saliva collection kits for PCR COVID-19 testing drop shipped to patient’s address.
  2. Patient collects specimen and ships to the lab using included pre-paid overnight shipping label.
  3. You and the patient receive results via the system of your choice within 24 hours of specimen receipt by the lab.

Custom System

Design a system for COVID-19 testing that’s right for your healthcare practice .

  • Create a combination of any of the systems.
  • Order at home collection kits to have on hand or to sell.
  • Mix and match turnkey services to suit your practice.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help create a PCR COVID-19 testing package designed to fit the needs of your practice and patients.

Contact us for a consult.


Get Experience on Your Side

CommunityLab’s highly trained laboratory staff ensures you receive dependable results everytime.

  • As a division of Sanesco Health, CommunityLab has over 15 years experience in clinical laboratory testing
  • Ensuring the highest quality, CommunityLab is both CLIA and COLA Certified


Proud Partners for COVID-19 Testing in Healthcare

Capstone Health
Dogwood Health Trust

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Become a Partner

Help your community open and operate safely.
Contact Us for COVID-19 Testing.